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How the FreeStyle Libre system works?

Want to know how the Freestyle Libre actually works? The FreeStyle Libre system measures glucose levels through a little sensor — the size of two stacked quarters — applied to the rear of your upper arm. It provides real-time glucose readings for up to 10 days, both day and night. The sensor may also read glucose levels through clothes, making testing discreet and convenient. It is a painless blood sugar testing device that helps individual with diabetes to check their blood sugar level.

The FreeStyle Libre system provides three critical pieces of knowledge with each scan:

  • A real-time glucose result.

  • An eight-hour historical trend.

  • A directional trend arrow showing where glucose levels are headed.

  • The touch-screen reader also holds up to 90 days of information, which allows people to trace their glucose levels over time.

With right now using CGM (bloodless glucometer) devices, little glucose sensors (i.e., anodes) are infused simply under your skin (normally into the stomach divider or arm). The inclusion is fast, much the same as a shot, and isn’t difficult. The sensor is held set up with sticky tape. The sensor estimates changes in glucose levels in the body’s liquid (interstitial liquid) around the sensor and sends the data to the pager-sized device called a screen appended to a belt or the waistline of your jeans. The CGM device (sugar testing machine) consequently records glucose estimations consistently nonstop, showing the outcomes on a screen at regular intervals. Every sensor should be changed like clockwork, as indicated by every device maker’s suggestions.


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