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How does the FreeStyle Libre help to improve treatment?

The data generated by the FreeStyle Libre system is meant to provide actionable trends and patterns that facilitate you make better decisions about your health, like adjustments to your diet or what quantity insulin you would like to require. as an example, the reader’s snapshots can reveal if an individual is experiencing hypoglycemic trends (low glucose levels) patterns or hyperglycemic trends (high glucose levels), which may aid in choosing the proper diabetes management.

Studies show that FreeStyle Libre users who scan more frequently spend less time in hypoglycemia and skill improved average glucose levels. in keeping with a study published within the Lancet, people using the FreeStyle Libre system spent 38 percent less time within hypoglycemia as compared with those that managed their glucose with traditional self-monitoring glucose system.

Diabetes doesn’t should control your life. it is time to measure freely.

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